First business meetings initiated by the Parliament of Businesspeople, on 19 September 2019, Zrenjanin
Parliament of businesspeople is the supreme body of the regional chambers of commerce and one of the most important bodies of the chamber system. Through the Parliament of Businesspeople, every businessman has the opportunity to exercise his/her rights to elect and be elected and in that way to manage the association, as well as to make decisions on all matters pertaining to its work and operating. 
Through the Parliament of Businesspeople, every businessman has the opportunity to influence decision making of regulations of importance for the economy, as well as measures of the economic policy. 
The legal organization of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, i.e. the single chamber system of Serbia, provides the rights to businesspeople to be consulted, and it obliges the Government and state institutions to request from businesspeople their opinions on all proposed regulations, measures, policies and strategies relating to the economy and their everyday business operations. 
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia demonstrates that it is an efficient service and support to everyday business operations of its members for creating services at the request of businesspeople. 
One of such requests is to pay special attention to business networking of businesspeople in Serbia, because businesspeople themselves have estimated that there is a need to upgrade it, as well as the space for establishing new partnerships and business networking. 
At the initiative of the Parliament of Businesspeople, the first business meetings – bilateral meetings of Serbian businesspeople - will be organized in Zrenjanin, on Thursday, 19 September 2019, within the fair event titled ZRBIZNET.
The invitation for bilateral meetings is open for all businesses interested in finding new business partners, sales or purchase of goods and services. You are requested only to register on the platform, to search profiles of other participants and send your request for a meeting with companies you are interested in establishing cooperation. 
The participation in business meetings is free of charge. 
Karađorđev Trg bb, 
Hall “Medison“
By 13 September 2019 – Online registration (uploading of profiles for cooperation)
From 11 September until 17 September 2019 – Select interesting profiles and send your request for a meeting
19 September 2019 – First business meetings within the fair event ZRBIZNET

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